Spare parts ready when you need them. Our fully stocked warehouse ensures quick response time.

Spare parts and wear parts are critical to the continued operation of your packaging lines.

At BellatRx we have taken steps to ensure that you are well positioned to minimize packaging line interruptions due to spare parts and wear parts:

  • Robust design and the use of quality components
  • Detailed instructions about proper operation of equipment and assemblies
  • Spare parts kits prepared and sold with equipment for you to have on hand
  • Well stocked warehouse filled with machine parts and components
  • In-house fabrication capabilities to fabricate unique parts within 4 hours
  • Knowledgeable and responsive staff to help identify the parts you need and get them to you

In-house Parts Fabrication

CNC Router, Milling, and Lathe Capabilities

Precision fabrication of machine parts, tooling and change parts inhouse has become a necessity. BellatRx invested heavily in expanding our fabrication capabilities to integrate CNC router for flat sheets, CNC machining center for blocks and plates, and CNC Lathe for fabricating shafts and cylindrical parts. Precision honing capability was also expanded to meet high precision demands. Our objective is to continue to drive lead time of spare parts and change parts lower to meet customer’s demands.

All In-House

High quality control and improved deliveries have always been BellatRx top priorities. To improve this even more, we have equipped our shop floor with one of the most powerful movable bridge CNC milling and cutting machine designed by MultiCam. The machine can be configured for very specific and demanding operations. We now manufacture more complex and detailed tools and parts with more accuracy and flexibility all in-house.

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