Remote Service.

Remote Service using Augmented Reality. With one click, you can have our engineer’s eyes and ears on your machine regardless of where you are.

Augmented Reality service package allows you to have immediate support with one click. We can walk your staff through solving their packaging problem quickly. We are just one click away when you need support! Fast and efficient thanks to Augmented Reality technology!

Augmented Reality technology has evolved where it can be useful to bring you technical support quickly regardless of where you are in the world. Our customers have high expectations, and our goal is to deliver customer support, beyond expectations. Our team strives to create a unique and personalized experience for our customer’s after-market support.

“Augmented Reality” stands for fast and efficient service support. We are offering an innovative way of delivering service to our customers instantly. Using AR hands-free headsets, our service staff would be able to bring to your vision additional information in real time, diagnose and troubleshoot problems quickly that are difficult and time-consuming to address over the phone, and can simultaneously see what the customers see and offer advice, and support in real time.

Using AR technology, we offer our customers:

  • Quicker and real-time access to BellatRx experts
  • Faster & efficient diagnoses and troubleshooting problems
  • Reduced unexpected downtime
  • And richer user experience

BellatRx "STAR"

Service & Training with Augmented Reality

To provide our customers with professional troubleshooting services and immediate real-time support, we are making a new level of service possible, by launching our new augmented reality service tool, the “STAR”.

This hands-free and head-mounted headset with an integrated camera, speakers, and display will enable you to get audio-visual assistance from a BellatRx support specialist in an instant. STAR is a part of BellatRx after-market support that guarantees smooth service support.

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