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High valued product needs equipment with minimal rejects.
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BellatRx is one of the leading providers of packaging solutions for the biotechnology and diagnostics industries. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of machines and other solutions to package and label rigid containers with precision and repeatability.

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The diagnostics and bio-pharmaceutical industry have particular needs. Typically, product has high unit value and therefore reducing waste is paramount. Achieving low reject rates is critical to having a positive return on investment for equipment. The environment often fits into a clean space classified as a clean room, and therefore requires equipment which adhere to this standard.

Additionally, fill accuracy and torque control is crucial. Accuracy of fill can be achieved with servo-controlled high-precision volumetric or peristaltic pumps to ensure high-value product dispenses are accurate. Additionally, pre-fill and post-fill weight cells can be incorporated into the filling system to ensure 100% inspection of fill accuracy throughout the run. High precision torque sensors control application torque to one decimal place to guarantee no leaks occur after capping.

  • Precise torque control within one decimal place
  • Weight check of containers before and after filling
  • Minimize product loss at changeover
  • Heated or cooled product path to ensure product integrity
  • Clean room build

Chemicals – Diagnostics – Liquid Line (Aquarius Monobloc, Notaris Wrap Labeler, Label Printer)

Covid-19 Test Kit/Unstable Vials – Diagnostics – Aquarius Monobloc (In-Starwheel Label Application, Fill Level Inspection)

Chemicals – Diagnostics – Secure Star Capper 

Handling of unstable vials and tubes

In order to handle unstable vials and microtube, BellatRx has developed a unique system to feed vials from trays using a robotic pick and place. The robot arm picks microtubes from trays and places them into plastic carriers called pucks to transport them throughout the packaging line. A built-in puck return conveyor returns empty pucks to the puck loading station.

Vibratory Sorters

Other systems can feed microtubes directly from bulk using vibratory sorters and feed them directly into the starwheel.

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