Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Packaging Equipment.

Packaging of pharmaceutical Solid dose, Liquid or Powder product in rigid containers.
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With roots in the pharmaceutical industry, BellatRx has perfected its standards and processes to deliver packaging equipment beyond your expectations.

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BellatRx began as a designer and builder of pharmaceutical primary packaging equipment. Our outlook on equipment encompasses hardware, software and documentation as one customer solution. Our designs ensure compatibility with cGMP standards for equipment design.

The ability to changeover equipment quickly with simplified cleaning is fundamental to our designs. We ensure our designs minimize entrapment areas to avoid cross contamination when changing over. All primary contact parts are of suitable grade Stainless Steel for the application.

Complete equipment documentation packages available to comply with pharmaceutical requirements such as:

  • Functional Design Specification (FS)
  • Hardware Design Specification (HDS)
  • Software Design Specification (SDS)
  • Factory Acceptance Test Protocol (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Test Protocol (SAT)
  • Installation/Operation Qualification Protocols (IOQ)

Solid Dose Line – Vitamin & Supplement Capsules – Nutraceutical

Liquid Line – Ear Drops – Veterinary & Animal Health

Solid Dose Complete Line – Pharmaceutical

Powder Line – Nutritional Powder – Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical Formats We Package

We have experience packaging & filling the following pharmaceutical products:

  • Solid dose oral tablet, capsules, and soft gels
  • Gummies and chewable
  • Suspensions, syrups, and tinctures
  • Topicals, creams, and ointments
  • Nutritional powders
  • Drops and sprays

North American Supply of Equipment and Support

Pharmaceutical packaging equipment manufactured in North America is critical to the security of your supply and support. Many companies in recent years have implemented near-shoring initiatives to secure the supply of equipment and spare parts regardless of geopolitical conditions. BellatRx is well positioned to support your initiatives due to superior product quality and manufacturing site in North America.

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