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Tablet Counting and Bottle Filling Machines

Solid Dose Filling to Glass and Plastic Bottles

BellatRx tablet counting and  bottle filling machines fill and count pharmaceutical tablets to pouch or canister desiccants. The BellatRx solid dose filling equipment and tablet counter offers improved accuracy over slat fillers and conventional electronic counters and the compact design of our machines requires minimal space on the production line. Each machine is engineered and built in North America for maximum reliability and is backed by expert technical experts making them the ideal choice for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries to keep lines operating at peak efficiency.

Industries we serve:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Cannabis

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Our Solid Dose Bottle Filling Solutions:

Our Solid Dose Bottle Filling Videos:

Solid Dose Line – Vitamin – Pharmaceutical

Solid Dose Line – Pharmaceutical

Solid Dose – Rx-12 – Tablet Counter 

Solid Dose – Tablet Elevator 

Pre-cut Pouches & Canisters – Glass Bottles – Rx-Desiccant PLUS

Solid Dose Line – Pharma – Rx-Fill Plus

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