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A single-dose medication is a dose of medicine that is prepared in an individual packet for convenience, safety, and monitoring, and designed for use by one patient only. They are most dispensed in soft or hard gelatin capsules filled with powders, granules, semi-solids, or liquids. 

Many pharmacies rely on an automated single-dose filling machine to prepare these medications. There are some key benefits to using a tablet filling machine, including:

  • Dosage Accuracy. Sophisticated bottle-filling machine processing technology ensures accurate counting and filling of tablets, capsules, and soft gels.
  • Safety. Single-dose filling machines allow pharmacists to fill prescriptions while avoiding physical contact with medications, preventing contamination. It also ensures the drug is being used by the patient it was prescribed for. 
  • Simplified Monitoring. Single-dose containers have individual barcodes, making it easy to monitor drug administration using electronic documentation.
  • Improved Efficiency. A tablet bottle and packing machine eliminates the need to measure out doses manually, separating, filling, and rejoining capsule caps and bodies. This streamlines the process and eliminates dose preparation time. 
  • Damaged Container Identification. A tablet filling machine automatically detects damaged or broken tablets and ceases filling those containers.
  • Cost Savings. Patients pay less for unused medication and pharmacies save money when they don’t have to manually count and sort doses using a tablet and bottle-filling machine.

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Single-dose filling machines rely on automatic counting for speed and accuracy. It’s a better method than weight or volume counting, which can be subject to error. There are two main counting technologies available: slat counters and electronic counters.

Slat counters use horizontal slats with holes equivalent to the number of tablets or containers being filled. The slats move around a track beneath the product hopper, causing the tablets to fall through the holes, which are designed to fit a single tablet. Once each hole is filled, the slat is turned upside down and tablets pass through a tunnel into the container. Slat counters are simple and reliable but have some downsides. Production must be halted to change over the parts; with so many holes, cleaning can be time-consuming and difficult; and they are prone to mechanical wear and tear. 

Electronic tablet counting and filling machines have gained popularity for their speed, flexibility, and a higher degree of accuracy. They are easier to clean, the mechanical parts don’t wear down as frequently, and no tools are required for the changeover, resulting in less downtime. 


BellatRx tablet counting and bottle filling machines fill and count pharmaceutical tablets to pouch or canister desiccants. The BellatRx solid dose filling equipment and tablet counter offer improved accuracy over slat fillers and conventional electronic counters, and the compact design of our machines requires minimal space on the production line. Each machine is engineered and built in North America for maximum reliability and is backed by expert technical professionals, making them the ideal choice for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries to keep lines operating at peak efficiency.

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