Gemini Gummy Candy Packaging Machine.

High-Speed Vision-Based Gummy Counter & Filler

BellatRx Gummy Counting Machine is a new high-speed vision-based gummy counter capable of accurately counting various types of gummies.

High-Speed Gummy & Candy Counting & Filling System

A gummy packaging machine is packaging equipment intended for gummy and other sticky products. Using a gummy packaging machine saves working time and allows users to work rapidly without exerting too much force. Gummies have long been difficult to count into bottles. This reality has forced several manufacturers to “weigh” their gummies into containers. From a dose accuracy perspective, it is better to count gummies into a container than to package them by bottle weight. The reason Gummies have not been counted is that, due to their sticky nature, they do not feed well through standard counting equipment. That is, until now. We have designed a channel counter to solve the traditional feeding problems associated with gummies.

We present to you the Gemini High-Speed Vision-Based Gummy Counter, a machine capable of quickly and accurately counting various types of gummies and candies. Our new Gummy Counter, with its floor-level bulk feed hopper and Cleated Elevator, has been designed to keep your line running smoothly by untangling the gummies before they reach the counting head. Developed with cutting-edge technology and operating through image analysis, the Gemini is the ideal solution for working with sampling, achieving the required speeds with an incredible accuracy of 99.99%.

With a compact design, easy installation and setup, and great automation and integration flexibility, it perfectly adapts to the customer’s needs, making it the best market option for counting in a gummy and candy production plant or laboratory.


  • Fast and accurate counting with advanced vision technology.
  • Compact design, easy installation, setup, and maintenance.
  • Easy cleaning and change-over.
  • Dual lane conveyor.
  • No gummy blockage at the funnel.
  • Handles sugar and sanded gummies, oiled, pectin and vitamin gummies
  • Floor-level bulk feed hopper.
  • Automated cleated elevator.


  • Part Size: 3mm to 35mm
  • Part Speed: Up to 600 PPS
  • Pack Speed: Up to 120 PPM
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