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Automated inline label application on jars, bottles, containers, cartons, and trays
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Pressure sensitive label machines for application on containers, cartons and trays.

Labels play a crucial role in marketing and packaging. They promote your brand and product — but that’s just the start. Product labeling provides the consumer with important information, such as:

  • Ingredients. The label tells customers exactly what’s in the product, whether it’s a food item, a cleaning solution, or something else. This information can help them make smart eating decisions and avoid potential allergens.
  • Instructions. Proper use of a product is important — particularly with medicines, where the dosage is crucial, and cleaning products, which might have serious consequences if not used correctly.
  • Health Risks. We’ve all seen health warnings on alcohol and tobacco products. Labels convey information about allergic reaction risks and ingredients that are poisonous or known carcinogens or might potentially cause harm.
  • Storage Methods. Some products have specific storage requirements (e.g., keep in a cool, dark place; refrigerate after opening; etc.). Making the customer aware of this will prevent their item from spoiling or causing illness.
  • Tracking & Traceability. Barcodes and lot or serial numbers on labels provide tracking and traceability information throughout the supply chain.

If you like to know more about different types of labeling machines read it here: Labeling machines for different product packages and use cases – PMMI ProSource Directory

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Our Labeling Machine Solutions:

For the past 10 years or so, the skills gap has been growing, and finding skilled labor has been increasingly difficult. The need for easy setup and operation of packaging equipment is critical and this is what this labeler design is set to address:

  1. A great setup feature is that all motion is servo controlled and tied into the recipes. The operator has to simply take measurements of the bottles, and label them, then enter these measurements, then a recipe is automatically created with all motion of conveyors, label dispense, wrap, metering wheel speeds are all automatically set and synchronized without further operator intervention.
  2. Siko indicators with electronic feedback tied into the setup screen. Mechanical adjustments all have indicators with LED lighting which turns green when the operator is at the correct set point, and red when they are not. On the HMI, and the Siko indicator, there are arrows pointing to the direction towards which the adjustment needs to be made. On the HMI, the operator cannot progress to the next screen unless all set points for that assembly are green.
  3. An LED white light strip is installed along the length of the machine. When setup is required to be done on a certain assembly, the section of the LED strip in front of that assembly will light up to draw the operator’s attention to that assembly.
    The expectation is that an untrained operator can easily do the setup.
  4. The setup of a new format is fully guided step by step by the HMI. In the setup screen, the setup is divided by assembly and a short animation or video would play to show the operator how to do the setup.
    That, coupled with the LED strip to guide the operator’s attention to where the assembly is, and the Siko indicators with the red and green indicators and arrows simplify the setup greatly.
  5. Additionally, the HMI is projected onto a portable hand-held tablet so that the setup and videos can be viewed from anywhere around the machine.

Check out our selection of automatic bottle labeling machines to find the perfect solution for your facility. If you’d like additional information and/or a quote, contact us today! Our product experts will help you find the right labeling equipment for your needs.

Why a Labeling Machine is a Great Investment 

Labeling equipment is an efficient and economical solution for applying labels to a wide variety of products including bottles, jars, cans, cartons, cases, pallets, and more. There are many different types of labels an automatic labeling machine can create: everything from barcodes and batch codes to images, logos, and texts. Industrial labeling machines are used in applications across a diverse range of industries including food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agriculture, and more. 

A label applicator machine is convenient and easy to use and will easily pay for itself over time. With an average service life of at least 8-10 years and the ability to maximize production output, you’ll reduce your labor costs — and that will add to your bottom line. A labeling machine is a smart investment for any manufacturing business with consumer-facing products.

The following steps will help you choose an automatic labeling machine that will best suit your needs.

  • Determine your labeling needs. Are you labeling bottles, jars, cartons, pouches, or bags? Where are you putting the labels? Automatic labeling machines come in different configurations; some are made for wrap-around labels, while others can do top and bottom, multi-panel, or multi-head (top, bottom, front, back, and side) labels. 
  • Look at your production facility. Where will the labeling process take place on your production line? What type of environment will your product be exposed to? Your labeling machine should complement your production line and be able to handle your label requirements in the environment in which production is taking place, whether warm or cold, indoors, or out.  

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