Notaris Top Labeler.

Top-Label Application on Containers, Trays, or Cartons

Notaris Top Labeler is a premium top labeler for applying pressure sensitive labels onto caps.

The Notaris top labeling machine is a versatile labeler capable of applying labels for product information, marketing, or tamper evidence requirements with superior application precision.

Features & Benefits:

  • Top label application with precise positioning with wipers and rollers
  • Herma 500 servo head standard on all labelers
  • Easily configured with infeed and outfeed turntables for a complete labeling solution or integration into a wrap, panel, or front and back labeler
  • A comprehensive range of options for labels and containers to tailor labelers to your specific requirements

Standard Specifications:

  • Speeds up to 100 cpm
  • Multiple configurations available including choice of labeling location
  • Stainless steel conveyor with adjustable guide rails
  • Labeler controls built into the labeling head
  • Integration of lot code and expiration printing on the web
  • Vision inspection of labels and printing

Some Tips and Advice from ProSource:

Being responsible for labeling a product involves many decisions and choices to be made, but there are just four major steps to help you choose your labeling equipment. Comparing code technologies is essential as the strengths of each method must be matched with how well it will integrate with other equipment on the line. Here are best practices in label development and there are also common ways labelling projects can fail.

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