Rx-Fill PLUS Tablet Counter.

Automatic Solid Dose Product Count Systems

Rx-Fill PLUS is a solid dose counter that can count in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic modes and can be mounted on a tabletop or on a fully automated packaging line.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rx-Fill PLUS has a two-tray two-channel design with large hopper
  • Accurately count product in a packaging cell or line
  • Flexible operation makes it ideal for small batch product runs
  • Quick changeover with minimal contact parts
  • Expandable design allows for kitting into single, twin and quad configurations
  • Easy-to-clean with stainless steel count block and knobs and a gasket cover to prevent dust.

Standard Specifications:

  • Speeds up to 25 cpm @ 100-count
  • 2 to 40mm product range
  • Round, rectangular square, and oblong containers 1” to 4” by 12” high
  • 1/2” neck diameter and larger
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