BellatRx 20th Anniversary!

20 Years of Excellence!
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20 Years of Excellence!


BellatRx Celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

BellatRx is proud to announce its 20th anniversary as the leading manufacturer of packaging machinery and equipment, and solution provider to organizations worldwide. The company has continued to blossom from the original dreams of Founder and CEO, Alan Shuhaibar, to a global packaging solutions provider.

In August 2002, BellatRx was incorporated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. “My vision was to build a truly customer-focused organization comprised of a talented team of professionals to help our customers solve today’s problems and navigate tomorrow’s challenges.” said A. Shuhaibar. “Today, BellatRx is much more than a machinery manufacturer; we are a company that delivers full-range packaging solutions to various industries across global markets.” BellatRx’s continual momentum to enhance its products and services reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to solving industry challenges through innovation and customer partnership.

BellatRx started its business in the packaging industry with one single machine “Bottle RecoveRx.” Today we have over 30 machines to support the packaging needs from beginning to end, have extensive expertise in line integration and turn-key solutions, and count on a team of over 100 employees to design, produce and market the company’s products.

John Balaam, one of the very first BellatRx employees who is still working at the company, attributes the company’s growth to the great people the company has hired throughout the years. “The growth BellatRx had in the past 20 years was remarkable. I think it is due to the good professionals we’ve hired all those years”.

As part of BellatRx’s 20th Anniversary, we are featuring profiles of inspirational employees, to highlight and celebrate their accomplishments, the “20 Years, 20 Stories” Contest, and corporate events for our employees, clients, and business partners to celebrate our many years in the packaging industry.

About BellatRx

BellatRx is a leading manufacturer of complete packaging lines and packaging equipment and your number one source for inventive, advanced, and automated packaging and filling solutions. Our expertise lies in the engineering and manufacturing of innovative equipment designed to your specification for a turnkey operation. We design and manufacture liquid filling machines and monoblocs, solid-dose filling machines, cappers and torquers, labelers, bottle unscramblers, banding and sleeving machines, conveyors, accumulation, and recovery systems focusing on Rigid Containers.