Alimentos y Bebidas.

Unscrambling, Filling, Capping and Labeling of rigid containers.


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Spices, sauces, preserves or confectionary, as long as they are packaged in a rigid container, BellatRx offers robust solutions for your requirements.

Our equipment is geared towards quick and seamless changeover to cope with the vast proliferation of SKUs in the consumer goods industry. Packaging lines need to be flexible and adaptable to changing formats and changeover quickly to handle shorter runs.

For certain application where machine sanitation is important, wash-down machine configurations are possible to meet stringent requirements. Open design with no hollow members, or entrapment areas to avoid microbial growth are standard designs on wash-down configurations.

  • Wash down machine design
  • Machine logic ensures fail safe operation
  • Dust and splash cover for cleaning areas
  • Stainless steel construction with open frame elevated from floor

Whiskey – Liquor and Spirits – Liquid Line

Seasoning & Spices – Food – Powder Line

Hot Sauce – Food – Aquarius Monobloc

Maple Syrup – Food – Secure Chuck Capper

Fruit – Food – Magna Capper

Spices – Food – Notaris 2-Panel Labeler 

Sweet Flexibility

One of our recent applications was to implement a capper at a leading jellybean producer. They were looking from flexibility and quick and easy changeover. The Magna Capper provided superior capping accuracy at a rate which can keep up with the filler. The Magna Capper was designed to overcome variations in containers and caps which were handled manually before implementing this project.


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