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Cosmetics and personal care products are characterized by the relative high unit value and the innovative unique shapes of the containers.


Often, containers and caps are used for branding and their appearance is part of the perceived product value. Innovative shapes and finishes for containers and caps often imply special considerations for automated packaging equipment. At BellatRx, we have developed unique features and technologies to handle scratch-prone caps, spray and pump caps, along with unique bottle shapes and geometries.

  • Anti-scratch technology for chromed caps and jars
  • Vision orientation to ensure alignment of text or images on cap, bottle and labels
  • Non-marking and non-shedding torque technology
  • Gentle handling of unstable containers


Liquid Line Integration – Sugar Scrub – Cosmetics & Personal Care 


CPC High-Speed Capper – Overview


Stem Aligners

Aligning stems for pump caps to ensure easy entry into the neck of the bottle is critical for capping. Stems tens to curve when packed in bulk and often is designed to be longer than the height of the bottle. We have developed technologies to guild stems using a reciprocating gripper system to ensure proper alignment.

Scratch-Prone Caps

Chromed caps are quite fragile and require gentle handling. Typically they are packed in layers with foam or paperboard protection between layers. At BellatRx, we have developed feeding technologies to feed caps from layers into automated capping machines to avoid damage to caps.

Caps with Stems

By virtue of the functionality of a chuck capper, the CPC Capper can handle spray caps, pump caps, and trigger caps with rigid or flexible stem. Additionally, the CPC Capper can handle air-less pump caps with ease. An automatic cap sorting and feed system allows operators to put caps in bulk and let the sorter feed the caps automatically into the cap chutes.


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