Mantenimiento Preventivo.

The best machine repairs are the ones that are planned!


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Avoid expensive and unplanned downtime. Build into your plan a robust preventive maintenance program. We can help with that.


Preventive maintenance allows you, to a great extent, to control downtime on your packaging lines. Instead of replacing an actuator when it fails at the most inopportune time, you can plan to replace it as it approaches its end of life during the upcoming scheduled downtime. BellatRx equipment has the ability to have built-in functionality to include life-cycle monitoring on critical components on each machine.

We have developed a maintenance schedule for each machine with associated maintenance documentation in order to assist you to build your own in-house preventive maintenance program. Our experienced technicians can assist you to get your program off the ground.

Preventive Maintenance Documentation

BellatRx provides full documentation package with all preventive maintenance programs we provide. This documentation package contains checklists of maintenance points at different intervals, and a maintenance log to record work done and recommendations for next maintenance window.


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