Líneas Completas Llave en Mano.

Complete packaging line solutions end to end with one point of responsibility.


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Fully integrated turn-key packaging line solutions for Liquids, Solid Dose or Powder. BellatRx has full expertise to successfully realize your project.


Integration of a turn-key line, introducing new equipment to your packaging line, or reconfiguring the layout of your equipment, BellatRx puts our experience at your disposal and provide trouble-free line to handle these integration projects. All details are professionally addressed by knowledgeable staff under the guidance of an experienced project manager.

  • Coordination of sample request and dispatch
  • Line speed balancing
  • Proper buffers and accumulation
  • Design of effective container transfers
  • FAT of complete turn-key line at one source
  • Single source responsibility and after-market support


Liquid Line – Chemical Solutions – Diagnostics 


Solid Dose Line – Vitamin – Pharmaceutical


Liquid Line – Essential Oils – Nutraceutical


Powder Line – Nutritional Powder – Pharmaceutical


Utilities Drops and Distribution

In order to minimize cables and air lines dropping from the ceiling, BellatRx can offer centralized utilities connection points, drop distribution panels, and under-conveyor wireways. This ensures clean and un-cluttered look, ensures minimal entrapment areas for easy line clearance and cleaning, and reduces the cost of multiple different requirement power drops for each piece of equipment with the associate surge protection needed for each line. Ask us about our centralized power distribution package.

Accumulation and Line Buffers

Proper line balancing requires identifying the piece of equipment which will set the pace for the packaging line. Upstream and downstream equipment need to be set to speeds in relation to the nominal speed to ensure equipment stoppages is minimized and line output is optimized. Additionally, in order to deal with machine stoppages due to materials replenishment, proper line buffers and accumulation needs to be introduced into the line to maximize each machine’s output and to maximize line yield at the end of each shift.


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