Soluciones de Integración de Línea.

Take the risk out of a multi-vendor packaging line.


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BellatRx has developed expertise and relationships in the industries stemming from the many years of successful line integration projects. We can put these attributes to work.


Our customers entrust their multi-vendor packaging line project to us and save themselves the risk and challenges associated with managing multiple vendors. By successfully implementing an average of eleven (11) line integration projects per year throughout our history, we have developed expertise, a process, and know-how we put at our customer’s disposal.

Although we may not manufacture secondary packaging equipment on the packaging line, we have developed our standards to select best in class manufacturers for integration onto a BellatRx Integrated packaging line. Some examples of equipment we integrate:

  • De-palletizers of glass bottles for beverage and sprits packaging
  • De-Casers to remove glass bottles from cases
  • Tray loader to place bottles or jars into trays prior to shrink film application and bundling
  • Case packers to place individual bottles or cartons into cases or shippers
  • Cartoner to place bottle into cartons with or without leaflet


Liquid Line Integration – Whiskey Jars – Liquors and Spirits


Liquid Line Integration – Essential Oils – Nutraceutical


Liquid Line Integration – Drops – Veterinary & Animal Health


Line Layouts

Part of our turn-key line integration services is the modeling of the equipment to fit into the space allocated onto your production area. The line layout drawing shows the equipment drawn to scale showing distances from walls, operator positions, air and power drops, and even the location where materials are brought to the line. Line layouts are a critical tool to ensure that the line will meet your space requirement, and it is a powerful tool in the line approval process.



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