Liquid Filling Machine – Aquarius Monobloc.

The Aquarius monobloc liquid filling machine  is the next step in the evolution of BellatRx filling, capping and torqueing monobloc technology. The Aquarius is a modern, compact, and flexible machine, which incorporates superior features and technologies to bring filling and capping capabilities to the next level.

Aquarius Monobloc is a Fill-Plug-Cap-Torque system especially designed for applications in the Cosmetic, Biotech, E-Liquid and Pharmaceutical industries. It employs precise dispensing using volumetric piston or peristaltic pumps, and diving nozzles. Servo-driven starwheel indexes bottles and jars through the different steps. A compact footprint allows the Monobloc to fit in tight locations. It can be equipped with HEPA hood, labeling, nitrogen purge, and several other functions for your process.

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