Rotary Powder Filling Machines.

High-Speed Volumetric Filling of Powder and Granular Products

Rotary powder filling machines fill rigid containers quickly and precisely.

Our rotary powder filling machines help the food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries quickly, safely, and cleanly fill dry products into rigid containers of many sizes, shapes, and types, including:

  • Plastic Tubs & Bottles – for products such as nuts, spices, parmesan cheese, whey/protein/nutraceutical powders, infant formula, baby food, gummies, and pet food/treats
  • Glass – for products such as spices
  • Fiberboard – for household products such as detergent

Our high-speed rotary fillers easily integrate with filling systems such as auger fillers as well as high-speed combination weigher. The check-weigher can also be integrated to help ensure accurate fills and weights. In addition, container vibrators settle the product into the container and optimize headspace. This enables our rotary fillers to achieve accurate, reliable filling – every time.

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