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For threaded, press-on or crimped caps with precision torque control
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Capping Machines With Torque Control

Capping machines for threaded, press-on or crimped caps with precision torque control

BellatRx offers automatic bottle capping machines to fit your production needs and our bottle cap machines use cutting-edge technology to reach faster speeds and greater precision. From production lines with large containers and enclosures to high-speed applications that require automatic capping with torque monitoring, we have machines to fit your needs. From inline threaded caps to crimp on or press on caps, our capping machines can consistently apply and torques closures onto containers with accurate and repeatable application.

Our capping machines can handle a wide range of caps and containers without change parts and is more forgiving and easier to set up than most bottle capping equipment in the industry.

Types of Capping Machines:

Types of Caps:

  • Threaded caps
  • Crimp on caps
  • Press-on caps
  • Stem, Dropper, and Pump Caps


  • Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical
  • Biotechnology and Diagnostics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Chemicals and Household Products
  • Cannabis


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Capping Machine Solutions:

Magna Capper Capping Machine
Secure Star Capper Capping Machine
Secure Chuck Capper Capping Machine
Prime Capper Capping Machine
CPC Capping Machine
CPC High-Speed Capper Capping Machine
Rotary Capper & Torquer Capping Machine
Secure Chuck Torquer Capping Machine
Prime Plugger Capping Machine
Cap Inspection Machine

Our Capping & Torquing Videos:

Magna Capper – Overview

Liquid Chemical – Diagnostics – Secure Star Capper – Clean Room Class 100/ISO 5

Secure Chuck Capper – Overview

Maple Syrup – Food – Secure Chuck Capper with Progressive Reject System

Liquid Chemical – Diagnostics – Secure Chuck Torquer – Class 100 Clean Room

Solutions – Diagnostics – Prime Capper

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