Bellsort-100 Unscrambler.

Plastic Bottle Unscrambler for Round Bottles

Unscrambling round bottles at speeds up to 100 cpm.

Unscrambling round bottles at speeds up to 100 cpm.

The Bellsort-100 bottle unscrambler has a compact footprint, about 4′, and is simple to set up and easy to run. It boasts a changeover that is fast and tool-less. Empty containers are fed into the large capacity hopper and subsequently transferred via a built-in elevator to the sorting enclosure. Inverted bottle detection ensures only right-side-up boles leave the system, preventing downstream mishaps and ensuring efficient production. Options include a mobility kit, AB PLC upgrade, low level hopper sensor and stacking light, and 90-degree bottle exit guide.


  • All-in-one design
  • Compact footprint with built-in elevator
  • Quick tool-less changeover of contact parts
  • Available with an air blower or ionized air
  • Slip clutch-protected drive


  • Sort up to 100 cpm
  • Up to 3.75” Ø by 7” H. container range
  • 9 cu. ft. hopper size
  • Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and approved materials
  • Inverted bottle detection
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