Bi-Directional Table.

Surge Accumulation with Large Holding Capacity for Round and Non-round Containers

The Bi-Directional Surge Table is an accumulation system designed to take up excess capacity from upstream equipment when downstream equipment is down or running slower.

This allows for the packaging line to maximize its output at the end of a production run. The Bi-Directional Surge Table can accumulate round, oblong, square and other odd-shaped containers, and then feed them back on to the line once the downstream conditions allow. All this without intervention from the operator.

Features & Benefits:

  • Production surge control an in-line accumulation
  • Bi-directional table with minimal back pressure
  • Handles round and non-round containers
  • Intelligent bottle flow control logic
  • Bottle flow diversion (manual or automatic)

Standard Specifications:

  • Speed: up to 200 cpm
  • Product range: up to 6″ diameter
  • Dimensions: several standard sizes and configurations available to fit your specific requirement and accumulation needs.

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