VP-1 & VP-1S Piston Fillers.

Filling Machine for Semi-Viscous Liquids and Creams

The VP-1 and VP-1S machines are versatile fillers designed for semi-automatic and automatic accurate dispensing of liquid products.

The VP-1 & VP-1S Piston Fillers operate as a semi-viscous liquid filling machine or cream filling machine. They can handle semi-dense and paste products with high viscosity. They can be equipped with a footswitch to cycle trigger or set up in automatic mode with container gating and conveyor.

The VP-1 is the bench-top version and can be supplied with a conical hopper to house the product, or an intake spout to connect to your own reservoir. The VP-1S incorporates a stand that can be fixed or mobile depending on your application.

Features & Benefits:

  • Versatile filler for small product run
  • Equipped for viscous or non-viscous product
  • Manual operation or automatic operation
  • Bench-top or floor standing
  • 5 ml to 1,000 ml fill
  • 1,000 ml to 5,000 ml fill is available with the VP-1SX

Standard Specifications:

  • Speed: up to 20 CPM
  • Product range: water-thin and viscous product
  • Dimensions: 2′ x 2′
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