Aquarius Monobloc Liquid Filling Machine.

Servo Fill-Plug-Cap-Torque Monobloc

Aquarius Monobloc is a Fill-Plug-Cap-Torque system especially designed for applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotech, food, and e-liquid industries.

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A monoblock liquid filling machine is extremely versatile. These fully automated liquid fillers perform a variety of tasks including filling, capping, stoppering, and labeling. They are fully integrated and can handle a wide range of containers, making them an ideal all-in-one solution. 

The BellatRx Aquarius Monobloc automatic liquid filling machine utilizes a Fill-Plug-Cap-Torque system designed specifically for liquid filling applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotech, food, and e-liquid industries. 

Our Aquarius Monobloc liquid filling machine employs precise dispensing using a volumetric piston or peristaltic pumps, and diving nozzles. Servo-driven starwheel indexes bottles and jars through the different steps to ensure precise liquid filling even when the volume differs from container to container. A compact footprint allows the Monobloc to fit in tight locations. It can be equipped with a HEPA hood, labeling, nitrogen purge, and several other functions for your process.

Features & Benefits

  • Servo motion controller to synchronize operational stations
  • Servo-powered 16-pocket starwheel with backing plate
  • Speed of 55 cycles per minute for single index configuration
  • Nozzle dive station with adjustable, servo-controlled stroke
  • Plug & cap sorting system using 304 Stainless Steel electromagnetic vibratory bowls
  • Plug & cap indexing servo-driven starwheel for pick-up stations
  • Torque control using servo motor 2-30 inch lbs.
  • Glow-light status beacons (green, amber, red) with white light illumination when guard doors are open
  • Allen Bradley PLC Compact Logix series
  • Allen Bradley HMI Panel View Plus 10″

There are several things to keep in mind when selecting liquid fillers to ensure the right fit for your application: Here are Nine Tips For buying liquid filling equipment.

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