Constellation Monobloc Liquid Filling Machine.

Vial Fill-Weigh-Cap System with Robotic Pick and Place

Constellation is a new liquid filling machine system for unstable microtubes, vials and cartridges.

The BellatRx Constellation Monobloc is a monoblock liquid-filling machine that uses a unique liquid-filling technology to fill vials and tubes properly. Ideal for unstable microtubes, vials, and cartridges, the Constellation Monobloc uses robotic pick and place stations to unload vials from trays and reload the finished product back into trays. The Constellation Monobloc will pre-weigh, fill, post-weigh, cap, torque, and inspect vials to ensure adherence to specifications. Subsequent labeling and laser etching of vials, as well as tray loading or cartoning, can be incorporated with the modular design of the Constellation system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Servo motion controller to synchronize operational stations
  • Infeed robotic stations of vials and caps
  • Dual-weight control of vials before and after filling
  • Servo-powered 16-pocket starwheel with backing plate
  • Servo-controlled capping & torquing stations
  • Standard speed of 60 vials per minute
  • Unique 100% active torque inspection
  • Glow-light status beacons (green, amber, red) with white light illumination when guard doors are open
  • Allen Bradley PLC Compact Logix series
  • Allen Bradley HMI Panel View Plus 10″

Here are some best practices when implementing weigh/filling equipment.

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