Hydra Monobloc Liquid Filling Machine.

Semi-Automatic Fill-Plug-Cap-Torque Monobloc

The semi-automatic base-level Monobloc has been designed specifically for filling of small batches or samples or when the number of cap formats is too large to justify automation. 

Semi-automatic liquid filling machines are an excellent choice for smaller applications. The BellaRx Hydra Monobloc liquid filling machine is a semi-automatic base-level liquid filler designed to meet the needs of users filling small batches or samples. It’s also ideal for those whose liquid filling needs involve a large number of cap formats, making an automatic liquid filling machine impractical.

Features & Benefits:

  • Automatic one or two volumetric liquid filling station
  • Fixed nozzle bar with height adjustment – no dive
  • Manual cap and plug placement
  • Automatic plug or tip press-in with an external conveyor
  • Automatic cap torquing using servo motor
  • Production speeds up to 20 cpm
  • Versatile design allows for economical running of a wide range of formats
  • Quick changeover for different product format sizes
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